Should you wish to have your flag displayed inside the Stadium, please contact the Supporter Services team at least 48 hours prior to the game with your request at supporterservices@westhamunited.co.uk. You will need to provide a photo of the flag design along with the size/dimensions of the flag and confirmation of the fire safety certificate.   

Please note that all flags should meet the following criteria: 

  • The flag/banner is manufactured to British Standards and has been certified as fire retardant.
  • The flag/banner is no larger than two meters by two meters. (discretion may be shown provided there is space inside the stadium and where the flag is stored seasonally by the Supporter Services team).
  • The banner is displayed in a suitable location and does not obstruct branding, LED panels or seats in use.
  • The content of the banner is not derogatory, nor should it contain any language or wording deemed to be potentially inflammatory or offensive to any individual or group. Additionally, defamatory, political or offensive slogans will not be permitted.
  • Kindly note that flag poles are not permitted inside the stadium, no matter what size or length the flag/pole is.

Should you arrive at London Stadium and the flag does not fall under the above guidelines, or you have not gained prior permission from Supporter Services, please note the flag will be denied entry or removed at the Stadium.

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