Role of the Chair and Vice-Chair

The role of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the WHUSB is to support the structure and focus of the meetings and to build relationships between the Club and supporters.

Naturally there are some additional responsibilities for the Chair to assume on behalf of their fellow Fan Representatives and the wider fanbase. These include;

  • Liaise with the Club’s Supporter Services team to ensure that Fan Representatives are fully and appropriately representing their Category of Representation
  • Liaise with the Club’s Supporter Services team to help provide the agenda, invitations, structure and minutes of the meetings
  • Be responsible for assisting the Supporter Services team in circulating the agenda and all other relevant papers to those who will be present at WHUSB meetings prior to commencement of the meeting
  • Ensure that the views of all Fan Representatives present at meetings are equally heard and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to the success of the WHUSB
  • Ensure the views of Fan Representatives who are not present are shared at the meetings
  • In the event of a tie the Chair shall have an additional casting vote at all WHUSB meetings
  • The Chair will need to preserve the integrity of the Terms of Reference and the Equality and Diversity statement at all times

In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair will be able to take upon the responsibilities of the Chair on behalf of Fan Representatives.

In the absence of both Chair and Vice-Chair, Fan Representatives will democratically appoint, temporarily or otherwise, a Fan Representative to the position of Chair. Upon casual vacancy of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall assume the position until the end of the football season or as notified by the Club.

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