What are the aims and objectives of the Official Supporters' Board?

The Official Supporters’ Board has set out in its main aims and objectives in the Terms of Reference and will be listed as an agenda item at the first meeting so that Supporter representatives, and the elected Chair and Vice-Chairperson, can discuss and share feedback on the proposed constitution.

Currently, the Official Supporters’ Board aims to:

  • To facilitate a platform for meaningful engagement between West Ham United supporters, the Board of Directors and senior management
  • To enable the broadest representation possible of West Ham United supporters
  • To ensure a fair an accountable selection process for representatives that meet the Club’s equalities objectives
  • To build a positive and closer relationship between West Ham United and its supporters
  • To develop a greater understanding of the issues that are most important to the West Ham United fanbase and to consider them in Club decision making
  • To enable fans to play a key role in improving the supporter experience and shaping the future of West Ham United
  • To create a platform for the Board and Senior Management to consult with supporters and to use this feedback in steering the strategic direction of the Football Club
  • To be the official conduit between the supporters and the Board of Directors

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