Seat relocations

Can I request to move my Season Ticket seat?

As always, seat relocation priority will be based on how early Season Ticket Holders renew. Supporters who renew will receive a relocation window by email, advising when they can call the Ticket Office to review their options.

Seat relocation requests

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How will seat relocations be handled for the 2021/22 season?

  • Relocations will be based on time of renewal, subject to availability, commencing from once renewals have closed. 
  • Please note that you must have renewed your Season Ticket to apply for relocation. 
  • Relocation windows will be set by the Club, giving Season Ticket Holders a period during which they can call the Ticket Office to relocate. Further information will be communicated on the Club website and by email
  • Should you choose to relocate to a higher price band, any resulting price increase brought about by relocation will need to be paid by debit or credit card (including Amex) or cash at the time of relocation.
  • Should you not be able to make your scheduled appointment you are able to call any time after.

The relocation phase will be a busy period for the Club, and we would therefore ask that you only contact us once your window has opened. Supporters calling earlier will be politely requested to call back at their designated time.

Can I change price band at the time of renewal?

Yes, if your relocation falls into a different price band, the difference in cost will either be refunded or required to be paid in full immediately. You can view the stadium map and pricing by clicking here. 

I am in a group of Season Ticket Holders, can we relocate together?

Due to seat availability, you will have more chance of relocating if moving in singles or pairs. Groups wishing to relocate will only be able to select in the window for the group member who renewed at the latest point, so as not to disadvantage others. Please make sure you have all client references, names and postcodes within the group to hand. 

What will I need when calling the Ticket Office about my relocation?

It is important to have your postcode and Client Reference Number to hand and you should have an idea about the location within the stadium you are wishing to relocate to. If you relocate to a higher price band you will need payment details to pay the difference immediately. In the interest of fairness, seats cannot be placed on reserve.

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