Complaints procedure

How can I raise a formal complaint?

Formal complaints can be registered with the Club through either of the following ways:

When can I expect a resolution?

The Supporter Services team aims to acknowledge all enquiries within one working day and to provide a resolution to any complaint within a maximum of 14 days. Please note that response time may be extended during busy periods however, all enquiries are important to us and we are grateful for the feedback received from our supporters.

How are complaints handled at the Club?

Once a formal complaint has been received, a 'Ticket Reference number' will be sent to confirm that the enquiry has been officially logged with the team for review. Quite often our team will be the intermediary between the supporter and the relevant department to ensure the review is handled effectively and brought to a conclusion in a timely manner.

What is a 'Ticket Reference Number'?

A unique 'Ticket Reference Number' is created when any formal complaint registered with the Supporter Services team requires a full review. This number is provided to the supporter for their reference and also recorded on our system should there be a need to re-visit the enquiry at any stage in future.

Who can I escalate my complaint to?

We aim to provide a satisfactory conclusion to all complaints received at Supporter Services and we hope there isn't a need to move on any further.

However, if you are not satisfied with the response you have received or feel your complaint has not been resolved, you can request to escalate this for final review to the Club’s Head of Supporter Services by email to .

The Head of Supporter Services will thoroughly appraise the situation, including all correspondence to date, before responding with a final conclusion.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint at this stage you may pass it over to the Independent Football Ombudsman at

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