Reporting an incident

West Ham United Football Club has a zero tolerance policy towards foul language, racist chanting, homophobic chanting or any anti-social behaviour.

To report an accident or a concern on matchday please notify the nearest steward. If you wish to notify the Safety and Operations team of an issue inside the Stadium you may wish to use the text service. To report an incident via SMS please send it to 07860404069.

The service is as described below:

  • If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour close to you, whether it be foul language, racist abuse, smoking, people standing blocking your view, homophobic abuse or evidence of ticket touting, send us a text message to identify the problem.
  • Type in the relevant keyword to describe the anti-social behaviour being experienced: FOUL, RACE, SMOKE, STAND, HPH or TOUT

  • Within the message, ideally we require you to identify your block, row and seat number, and also identify the location of the anti-social behaviour, being as precise as possible

  • Text the keyword followed by your message to 07860404069 e.g. STAND – I’m in Block 94 Row 10 Seat 13. Problem two rows in front

  • The Club will then make every effort to deal with the problem by informing matchday stewards of the situation

  • If the Club is unable to deal with the alleged problem on the Matchday, each text will be followed up and investigated as soon as possible afterwards

All text messages are treated in the strictest confidence and, for our staff, it is better to monitor the problem as it is happening, as we can view the area of concern on CCTV and deal with the situation accordingly.

The safety and security of all supporters is of paramount important to us and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience while they are at London Stadium.

Should you wish to report any incident on a non match day please email

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