Search points

Security and bag searches are conducted on all five bridges leading to the stadium island. Each of these bridges has a dedicated accessibility lane with pat down, security wand and bag searches in operation. 

In order to allow easy access and cause minimal delays, it is recommended that supporters arrive at least one hour prior to kick-off and avoid bringing any bags to matches unless absolutely necessary. Large suitcases or luggage are not permitted in the stadium.

All bags will be searched and supporters may also be asked to remove jackets or coats in preparation for search. All approved bags are also subject to additional inspections within the Stadium. There will be an access lane at each checkpoint for supporters with accessibility needs.

These are not ticket check points, allowing supporters without tickets to gain access to the podium and visit the Stadium Store and Ticket Offices.

To further reduce queuing times at the search checkpoints, it is recommended that supporters access the stadium island via the bridges in closest proximity to their respective turnstile entrance. See our searching points map for an illustration of the following information:

Turnstile Entrance
Closest Bridge
A, B, C
E, F, G
E, F, G, H, J
A, J, K

Please be assured that London Stadium’s search policy is entirely for the safety and security of every supporter attending West Ham United matches.

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