How does the Club ensure tickets are only purchased by West Ham United supporters?

Season Ticket holders agree to the Terms and Conditions of Ticketing, which stipulate that all tickets are for West Ham United supporters only - ‘1.2. Season Tickets are for the use of supporters of the Club only. By applying for a Season Ticket and/or using the same you hereby warrant and represent that you are a supporter of the Club’

By purchasing a ticket and entering London Stadium, supporters of the home and visiting clubs are also committing to adhere to all of the points set out in the London Stadium Ground Regulations.  

Any visiting supporters found to be in the home sections of the Stadium will be relocated to the visitors’ section, wherever possible, or ejected from the stadium for their own safety. This eventuality is covered in Point 18 of the Ground Regulations as - 18 Any individual who has entered any part of London Stadium designated for the use of any group of supporters to which he does not belong may be ejected from the Ground either for the purposes of his own safety or for any other reason. 

The Club also takes a number of proactive steps to mitigate the risk of visiting supporters gaining access to tickets in the home section. This includes monitoring ticket sales patterns for any suspected visiting or non-West Ham United supporters, liaising with the visiting club directly, cancelling ticket purchases, and blocking the accounts to prevent future bookings. We also monitor illegal ticketing agency websites and work with our counterparts at other clubs and the Premier League to report any incidents of misuse to the authorities.

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If you require any further assistance please contact the Ticket Office on 0333 030 1966 or by email at Lines are open Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00. 

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